Espiro Exterior Land arrangement and development

After becoming familiar with the landscape of the land plot and conducting a detailed interview with the Client, Espiro Exterior will handle the planning of a functional layout of the garden, encompassing a representative area, recreation and relaxation area, communication area and isolation area.

By adjusting to the individual arrangements based on the Client’s inspirations, a landscape architect will prepare the initial concept which, depending on the scope commissioned, will include elements such as: surfaces, building entrance layout, terraces, garden furniture and fencing carried out using the necessary technology.

They will also plan the planting the greenery and eagerly handle the design of garden furniture such as a summerhouse, pergola or utility shed, as well as water elements such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, stream or water hole.

The garden design also encompasses the utilisation of rainwater, and automatic irrigation, lighting and electricity schemes, together with an indication of the appropriate lamp types.

On the basis of the accepted concept the complete working plans and specifications for all disciplines will be elaborated, which, after the supplementation of a 3D visualisation, will enable the presentation of the final effect of the work already before the commencement of implementation.

A detailed cost estimate will be prepared on this basis, including a detailed list of materials, thanks to which the Investor will be able to avoid unexpected additional costs related to building their dream garden.


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